Module 1 - Unpack and Power on Sofia 2

Just received your Sofia 2? Follow these steps to unpack and power on your instrument.
  1. Inspect the shipping container for obvious shipping damage prior to opening.
  2. Unpack the shipping container and inspect the unit and all components. You should see the below contents:

Connect to Power and Turn on

  1. Place Sofia 2 on the counter top within reach of an electrical outlet. The unit is portable and can be moved to a suitable location for testing.

  2. Plug the Power Adapter into the power port on the rear panel of Sofia 2 and appropriate electrical outlet.

  1. Turn Sofia 2 on by holding down the power switch located on the rear panel for two seconds. A Power On Self-Test screen will appear on the front display when Sofia 2 is turned on.

Enter Zip Code

When turning on Sofia 2 for the first time, Sofia 2 will prompt to enter the ZIP Code where it is located. Enter the Zip Code and select to confirm and continue to the next screen.